Project Sunblock API Documentation

The Project Sunblock API allows you to connect, interact and integrate with the Project Sunblock service directly. The Project Sunblock API is a REpresentational State Transfer (REST) API which allows you to read, modify, add and delete data (not statistics) in your Project Sunblock account. Organizations, Campaigns, Ads, Rules and all statistics are all available in the API methods.


All API methods are documented here and the documentation is 'live' which means you can try out the API using test data and see calls and responses.


Project Sunblock has 3 public application API's:



Admin API

The Admin API handles creating, updating and deleting of all content. Any activity involving creating campaigns and rules, and uploading tags is handled using the Admin API.


Report API

Any statistics or report requests are all handled using the Report API.


Delivery API

The Delivery API handles all run-time impression request and event logging api calls.


Security and Authentication

Sunblock API uses basic authorization. All API methods are permissions-based so you will need to use an API key. A test key is provided in the documentation but you will only be able to see test data with this.


Where do I find my own API Key?

If you use this documentation to interact with your own data you will need to use your own API Key. You can get your own API Key by logging in to Project Sunblock and navigating to user settings.


How to Access